"Leadership is inspiring the growth of others through authenticity, humility and persistence."

- Tim Maples, Managing Director


Inspired leadership elevates spirit, honours the whole self and encourages us all to use our energies in the activities of leadership. It taps into the best that is within us and gives us an opportunity to be involved and engaged.

Only meaning arouses energy

Inspired Leadership helps us discover meaning and purpose in our work and to live out our vision and make our mission manifest. It creates community out of workgroups and organizations that are profitable yet satisfying, competitive yet communal, productive yet life-giving.

Innovation alone creates competitive advantage

We are passionate about helping our clients create innovation for sustainable competitive advantage.

High performance collaboration brings forth the best from any group of people, leading to organizational agility. This leads to results and profits that directly benefit staff, shareholders, customers and the public at large and provide an extremely high quality of work life for all employees.

We believe

Everyone has enormous untapped potential and truly wants to succeed. Values and principles are the basis of effective action, and self mastery precedes organizational effectiveness. People are the heart of organizations.  Their commitment, ideas and courage provide the motivation to move forward. Continuous growth and renewal of individuals are the key to sustained success.

Creativity can only be inspired