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Tim Maples Tim Maples,
Director of Inova Group

Tim has 20 years experience working as an international corporate facilitator specialising in Inspirational Leadership Development, Strategic Planning, Change Management, Executive Coaching, Creativity and Business Innovation.

He draws on his expertise as:

  • a former owner of a multi-million dollar service organisation in the USA
  • working across diverse cultures globally
  • a professional tennis and ski coach
  • working with multi-national senior executive teams across the private and public sectors
  • a recognised author on effective knowledge acquisition and behavioural change

Current 2009 clients include senior executive teams in Europe, USA and Asia Pacific, including Leadership initiatives for MWH (Europe, USA) and GSK (Asia Pacific).

He brings enthusiasm, insight and a practical approach as a strategist and facilitator of innovative organisational change and leadership development programmes and processes.

Executive coaching has the value of his international business experience combined with an extensive commitment to personal development and wellbeing.

“I am passionate about inspired, authentic leaders who create an organisational culture which harnesses the creative potential of all staff; has consistently outstanding high performing teams; is agile, profitable yet satisfying and communal in terms of work-life balance”

Tim is a founding Director of the Inova Group and is based in Nelson, New Zealand. As a current masters ski racer and former USPTA Tennis Coach he loves sports, the outdoors and looks for any opportunity to plant trees and get his hands dirty on his 35 acre organic tree crop farm.


Carin WilsonCarin Wilson,
Director, Inova Group

(Iwi: Ngati Awa, Ngai te Rangihouhiri, Ngati Rongomai)

Carin studied law at Victoria, intending to join his father in a family law practice before taking up ‘my first real job’ with the Research and Development team at Command Services Corporation. This New Zealand company - led by management pioneer Alan Crothall – used the team to explore and develop new business opportunities using innovative organisational and method practices. Their approach influenced major changes worldwide in the approach to contracting service industries, especially in health.

In 1974, he returned from a study tour in Europe absorbed by the challenge to start his own business. Inspired by New Zealand’s rich craft heritage and its strong ‘we-can-do-it’ culture, he saw the potential for New Zealand to develop a unique style that reflected its place in the South Pacific. Fired by impassioned commitment rather than careful analysis of the market, he built a business designing and producing innovative custom-designed furniture for retail and private clients. His work has received industry recognition in awards and competitions and is now held in public and private collections in several countries. Acknowledgment from colleagues has come with his election as President of peer organisations, the Designers Institute and the Crafts Council of New Zealand.

His abiding interest in the creation of opportunities for the innovation and talent of New Zealanders has led to sustained involvement in the development of design and craft-skills based training programmes for diploma and degree courses with the Ministry of Education and NZQA. He is a member of an NZQA advisory group and a monitor of new degree qualifications. He holds an honorary Diploma in Furniture Design and a Practitioners Certificate in Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

Recently, affirming a belief in the potential of Maori to lead their own development, Carin has been involved in Iwi development initiatives. These include projects in job-creation, health, resource utilization and housing, the latter involving nation-wide training in a comprehensive low-cost building method.

Carin says that his work with Inova ‘allows me to pursue a commitment to the development of people, which has been constant in the background of everything I have done in this odyssey I call my career. To be satisfied and challenged in our work is central to a rewarding life, and I consider it a privilege to work in this field’. His approach has had its rewards. He has lectured and presented on his work in the United States, Norway, Thailand, Malaysia, Australia, Indonesia, Japan and Slovenia. He has written or featured in articles for publications in several countries and served on the Board of the UN-affiliated World Crafts Council.

Carin’s interests include his whanau or extended family, ‘ although I never really think of myself as a partner or parent. There are just ways of exploring the gift of relationship and I am usually short of words to describe how important it is to me’. Along with his passion for learning he enjoys anything on water, skiing, music, art, architecture, landscaping and design.



Juliet Monaghan

Juliet Monaghan
Senior Consultant

Juliet has a diverse background being multi-skilled in a range of disciplines, including professional expertise as a theatre director, administrator and actress, television drama director, casting director, television presenter, and business training consultant.

Her experience as an actress, former television presenter, teacher, and numerous directing roles has given her a broad range of skills and depth of knowledge in terms of designing and delivering unique Presentation, Leadership, Creativity and Coaching Performance programmes.  She is valued for her perceptive insight and her ability to coach and give feedback to clients with regard to performance improvement.  Her ability to draw on the craft, techniques and skills of the highly trained actor/television presenter and to apply these principles to business communications have proved to be invaluable.

Her experience as a director of many disciplines demonstrates Juliet's creative and visionary skills. She is able to conceive original concepts/projects and bring them to fruition effectively under pressure.

Juliet holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Economics, and a Diploma in Drama.  In 1986 she was awarded the honour of Cultural Ambassador, representing New Zealand internationally in the Performing Arts arena.  She has received numerous grants from Creative New Zealand - formally the Queen Elizabeth II Arts Council - for directing and creating original works in the performing arts arena.  Her recent directing credits include 'Shortland Street', the Enid Blyton Adventure Series for Could 9 Screen Entertainment, CAVE CREEK - the full story of a National Tragedy, and 'EPITAPH' for TVNZ.  She has completed the Training Trainers programme at the Performance Improvement Centre, Auckland College of Education and has trained across a broad range of industries including Travel, Telecommunications, Environment Services, Forestry, Government Departments, Small Business, Hospitality, Entertainment, Banking and Finance.


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