Building High Performance Teams

We offer flexible programs with a variety of objectives, any of which can be selected as the key focus for the high performance team programme.

Programme Objectives

To increase the understanding, competency and team skills of participants by:

  • agreeing on the need and importance of high performance teamwork in changing times. A team feedback questionnaire is completed prior to the programme to assist in identifying strengths and weaknesses in team performance.
  • clarifying and agreeing on the team's purpose, specifically its mission, vision and values and how this links to the overall company purpose.  Specific observable behaviours that bring the values into reality are clarified and agreed to.
  • understanding the stages of team development within the organisational growth curve.
  • learning to work together effectively.  Specifically by:
    • increasing trust and open communication between team members
    • understanding individual personalities and motivation preferences
    • practicing team roles, decision making and leadership in a progression of experiential team activities and review sessions.
  • reinforcing the agreed team behaviours through practicing:
    • effective communication skills
    • positive reinforcement of desired behaviours
    • conflict resolution.
  • creating team performance measures
    • understanding the 'balanced scorecard'
    • setting team objectives and goals in their specific work areas using the balanced scorecard framework
    • monitoring and evaluating performance.
  • creating accountability with each other which includes personal and team action plans to transfer the agreed decisions and learning from this programme back into the workplace
  • having a fun, dynamic learning experience that grows the team spirit.

Learning Methodology

A dynamic interactive programme using experiential team activities, review sessions, conceptual models, motivation assessment, videos and action planning all in an integrated process.

The experiential team activities and review sessions are designed to highlight and 'anchor' the key learning points. They cater for all ages and physical abilities.

Programme Logistics


1 facilitator per nine participants

2 facilitators per 10 - 18 participants

Venue: Off-site, relaxed out of city location that can cater for experiential team activities. We have dedicated venues that we use and can recommend throughout New Zealand, Australia and Asia.

Length: Two days minimum, with a one day follow-up.