Customer Service & Loyalty


To ensure employees have the best level of customer relationship skills, to effectively communicate and serve their customers, which results in increased customer loyalty and helps actualize the company's mission.

The objectives of the training programme will be met by creating an understanding of

  • the importance of creating a service culture
  • customer loyalty and the service profit chain
  • service professionalism and customer satisfaction issues
  • interaction skills required to deliver exceptional service


  • Increased customer awareness
  • Understanding of the 'value' of the customer
  • Greater understanding of how employee actions impact and affect the company and the external customer
  • New skills development
  • Improved understanding of inter department interaction
  • Improved relationships between business units
  • Team building
  • Dynamic, enjoyable learning environments
  • Improved motivation


  • Why a Service Culture?
  • Statistics and Differentiation
  • Service Profit Chain
  • Customer Loyalty vs Satisfaction
  • External vs Internal Customers
  • Partnering and effective Teamwork
  • Responsibilities of a Service Professional
  • Managing Customer Expectations
  • Factors in Customer Satisfaction
  • Creating the ‘WOW’ Factor
  • Measurement
  • Face-to-face and telephone skills
  • Rapport Building
  • Service Recovery

Training Methodology

Training sessions are based around highly interactive and experiential formats. Learning is acquired through activities that allow a connection to be made between the theory and what actually happens in the workplace.

Each component is driven by objectives to reach a set of action plans to enable a direct positive impact on processes and skills. This is recorded and tabled in the monthly management reports.

Participants are encouraged to share views, express ideas and assist in bringing their experience into the group.

Group Size and Mix

We provide two options for groups. This assists in minimising costs and also providing flexibility to attend the training workshops.

  • Groups of 9 participants with 1 facilitator
  • Groups of 18 participants with 2 facilitators

Group sizes will depend on geographic location and resource issues

We recommend mixing the groups with people from various functional business lines to promote an understanding of customer service and team issues.

Reach and Coverage

The Inova Group, with the combined resources of our Asia-Pacific associates, is experienced in providing training coverage across Europe, Asia, USA, Australia and New Zealand. The project is managed by Tim Maples, Director of the Inova Group.


An important component of the success of the overall programme is how well the participants apply the concepts and define new customer focused processes after the training has been completed. Experience shows that success can be improved through a follow-up programme which if managed closely, will extend the training benefits to the customers and the company employees as well.

We recommend a 12 month 'reality check' programme, to assist the continued use of customer focused processes and skills. This allows Management to remain supported in the programme issues while ensuring their core business is still top of mind.

Programme Follow-Up of Customer Care skills

  • 2 days per quarter in each major location
  • 1 day per quarter in other offices

Included In This Follow-Up Added Service

  • Review with managers recent survey measurements
  • Workshop with appropriate staff - process improvement opportunities
  • Visit clients with field staff to observe performance and use of skills
  • Listen to telephone call interactions with phone based customer service people
  • Provide updated management reports