Inspirational Leadership


This Transformational Leadership Programme is a Development Experience for Team Leaders through to Senior Executives. It is based on the premise that Leadership: 

  • Is a conceptual model and an observable learnable set of behaviours that are easy to understand and apply
  • Is values-based and requires substantial 'inner change' i.e. 'being a leader' - versus techniques or styles
  • Needs a balance of reflection, insight and action
  • Provides practical options and answers which are widely applicable and linked to business objectives
  • Needs a sound measurement and feedback process for evaluating and tracking progress
  • Requires a commitment to a development process over at least one year.


  • Greater authenticity and credibility as a leader
  • Increased frequency of essential leadership behaviours and practices
  • Improved motivation, productivity and efficiency of work teams of up to 40%
  • Ability to create and sustain successful partnerships and high performance teams
  • Fostering an organisational learning community that is 'Agile'.

Development Process

The Transformational Leadership Program incorporates personal growth experience, conceptual development, feedback and skill development. The structured development process includes:

  • 360° feedback through the choice of two Leadership Inventories
  • multiple workshops holistically integrated with individual mentoring sessions
  • dynamic and effective learning methods including experiential simulations, case studies, review sessions, conceptual models, projects and psychometric inventories
  • 'leading edge' conceptual models that are relevant and applicable
  • flexibility in terms of content and process to cater for the different needs and levels of organisations
  • on-going action planning and support to apply and integrate leadership principles and behaviours into work practices.

Flexible Options

Your leadership development programme will be tailored to your needs using the following options in terms of measurement, foundation and skill modules


We have flexible options in using measurement inventories/profiles/questionnaires either within development programmes or within executive one-on-one coaching. In conjunction with our associates, we are licensed/accredited to use the following:

Leadership – (360° Feedback)

  • Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI)
  • Leadership Behaviours Inventory (LBI)


  • Team Management Index (TMI)
  • Star Performing Teams (T-Star)
  • Belbin
  • Team Development Survey (TDS)

Personal Development

  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)
  • Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI) [Motivation Preference]
  • Fundamental Interpersonal Relationship Orientation (FIRO-B)
  • DISC Profile
  • Q02 (opportunities, obstacles, optimism)

Emotional Intelligence

  • Mayer-Salovey-Caruso Emotional Intelligence Test (MSCEIT)


Inspirational Leadership(3-4 days)

Leading your life(2 days)

Skills Modules

Strategic Planning(2 days)

Coaching(2 days)

Emotional Intelligence(2 days)

Relationship Management(2 days)

High Performance Teams(2 days)

Creating Business Innovation(2-3 days)

Presentation Skills(2 days)

Negotiation Skills(2 days)

Positive Focus(2 days)