Coaching & Mentoring

Coaching and mentoring provides a means of achieving objectives in personal and organisational development and change processes.

The purpose of these coaching and mentoring one-on-one sessions is to provide support through questioning, reflection, insight, perspective and wisdom.

Our coaching and mentoring team draws on a vast range of life and business experiences to assist the development of high standards and to encourage self-knowledge and winning behaviour.

Whereas coaching is a more directive process, focused on the realities of the work place, mentoring is an open, supportive process, looking at personal issues and life questions.

Coaching and mentoring share many of the same skills and, at times, may overlap during a session.

Our coaching and mentoring programmes are custom designed with each participant and commonly include six 2-hour sessions over a six month period.


Initial 1-hour meeting

  • scope objectives and success criteria
  • relationship expectations
  • agree on structure and content of sessions
  • agree on time allocation and investment

Coaching Sessions

These can be a mix of face-to-face (2 hour sessions) and telephone meetings (45mins – 1 hour sessions)

  • Face-to-face session - one per month
  • Telephone session – one per month

Some sessions are purely reflective on current issues being faced, while others are structured around a learning project, personal assessment or specific leadership theory.

Please contact us for a six month or one year coaching outline



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